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Elkhart County Arrest Records

In Elkhart County, Indiana, law enforcement officers are authorized to apprehend and detain individuals suspected of committing a crime pending court arraignment. To execute an arrest, the arresting officer must obtain an arrest warrant from a court or magistrate. Otherwise, an arrest may be made if the suspect commits the crime in the officer's presence or if the officer has probable cause to conduct the arrest on the spot. Law enforcement officers may also arrest known fugitives with an outstanding arrest warrant in another jurisdiction.

Following an arrest, the arresting officer must book the detained person at the police station or sheriff's office. During the "booking" process, the officer collects and records an arrestee's name, date of birth, an inventory of items found on them, the date, time, and location of the arrest, and the charges leading to the arrest. While arrest records are created and maintained by the specific agency that conducted an arrest, they may be transferred between various agencies that comprise the criminal justice system, including courts and relevant government departments, such as the Department of Correction and the Indiana Judicial Branch. As such, arrest records may be found on Elkhart County Court Records and other public records maintained by the criminal justice agencies involved. Note that arrest records are part of a person's criminal record and are typically visible during criminal history checks.

Are Arrest Records Public in Elkhart County?

Yes. Per the Indiana Access to Public Records Act (APRA), public records include any writings, reports, books, or other material that is created, received, maintained, retained, or filed by or with a public agency. Elkhart County arrest records fall within the scope of this definition and, as such, are accessible to interested residents of Elkhart County and can be obtained by inquirers who submit an APRA request to the concerned agency.

However, the following information or copies of records are not subject to public perusal:

  • Sensitive information about criminal offenders, such as their social security number
  • Information that may aid the identification of minors
  • Information or record documents that may compromise the credibility of an ongoing investigation or criminal litigation if disclosed
  • Any information which, if disclosed, may place a witness's life or safety at risk
  • Information that may tamper with a defendant's right to a fair hearing
  • Portions of a record or other related information that may reveal techniques or analysis used by law enforcement officials.

While the aforementioned details are non-public, they typically remain accessible to record subjects, their attorneys, law enforcement officials, and authorized third parties.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

The following contents of an arrest record are public and may be found by residents of Elkhart County:

  • Arrestee's full name and aliases
  • Age or date of birth
  • Arrestee's occupation and address
  • The arresting agency and officer's names
  • Arrest details, including date, time, and location
  • The charges or crimes that led to the arrest in question
  • Court dates
  • Active parole and probation information.

Elkhart County Crime Rate

According to a 2018 UCR report published by the FBI, the most prevalent crimes in Elkhart County were property crimes, with 1,869 cases. In the said year, Elkhart County recorded 13 arson cases, 624 violent crimes, 7 murder and non-negligent manslaughter cases, 13 arsons, 278 motor vehicle thefts, 31 rapes, 56 robberies, 530 aggravated assaults, 1,231 larceny-thefts, and 360 burglary cases. Compared to the 2017 crime report, there were slight variations in the figures. The county recorded 1,837 property crimes, which had the highest occurrence for both years. This showed a 1.74% rise. No data was recorded for violent crimes, rape, or arson in 2017.

Elkhart County Arrest Statistics

According to a 2023 arrest report published by the Indiana Management Performance Hub (MPH), the following arrests were recorded for Elkhart County: 813 for drug-related cases, 510 for property crimes, 949 for traffic-related crimes, 109 for weapon-related crimes, 35 for sex-related crimes, 470 for violent crimes, and 45 for fraud.

Arrests for uncategorized cases were 233 and made up 8.4% of the total number of arrests. Additionally, interested parties may contact the records division of local police departments or the sheriff's office for other related data.

Find Elkhart County Arrest Records

Various agencies create and maintain Elkhart County arrest records, mainly the county sheriff and local police departments. Each agency is responsible for keeping records of arrests made by their officers. Residents of Elkhart County may visit the specific agency that conducted an arrest with a valid means of identification and the arrestee's name to request records. In addition, knowing the specific date (or date range) when a particular arrest was made could help expedite record searches.

To obtain records from the county sheriff's office in person, submit a public records request to the records division of the sheriff's office. This typically involves obtaining a form created from the said division and entering details about the specific arrest one wishes to look up. This should include the suspect's name and the arrest date.

The Federal Inmate Locator may be used to know the specific facility where individuals arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are being held. This resource is searchable by an inmate's name or assigned identification number. Once identified, an inquirer may contact the concerned holding facility for information on how to find inmates. The county sheriff usually has information on persons arrested by state agents and may be queried for associated records.

Free Arrest Record Search in Elkhart County

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Office maintains an online repository where interested parties can look up arrestees held in the county jail for free. On this site, an inquirer is required to enter the first and last name of the person of interest, their date of birth, the county, and the date range within which the person was arrested. In-person record inspection at the sheriff's office is typically free, except when a particular request necessitates the reproduction of record copies.

Alternatively, interested parties may use third-party websites to find arrest information. These websites typically require a fee to display a full arrest report on the searched individual. However, inquirers usually have free access to basic arrest details. Third-party websites are generally searchable by a suspect's name.

Get Elkhart County Criminal Records

Elkhart County criminal records document all county residents' criminal histories and interactions with the criminal justice system. This includes their known involvement in criminal activities, information on the resulting criminal court proceedings, parole and probation, sentencing, and bond. Note that the information available on criminal records may vary depending on the agency facilitating the record search.

The records division of the Elkhart County Sheriff's Office handles all public requests for the county's criminal records. Nominal fees apply and are payable through checks, cash, money orders, and bank cards. Inquirers may request records via mail, email, or in person at the sheriff's office. All email requests should be directed to To obtain records from this office in person, inquirers are required to complete and submit a downloadable criminal history request form.

Elkhart County Sheriff's Office
26861 County Road 26
Elkhart, Indiana.

To complete the request form, requestors must possess the full name of the record's subject, their date of birth, sex, race, street address, city, state SSN, and ZIP. Upon completion, this form can also be submitted via mail to:

For a statewide record search, residents of Elkhart County may utilize the Limited Criminal History Records website maintained by the Indiana State Police (ISP). Note that this site only features information about felonies and class A misdemeanors. Applicable fees are $15.00 per record subscriber and $15.70 per record credit card. Users are required to create an account before using this site.

Elkhart County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

The key distinction between arrest records and criminal records is the scope of the information they contain. While arrest records are limited to a particular arrest incident by law enforcement, criminal records document every detail about a person's interactions with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Note that arrest records may exist for cases that were dropped or dismissed and do not necessarily imply guilt, whereas criminal records always imply that the subject is guilty of the filed charges.

Elkhart County arrest records contain the following information:

  • Name, date of birth, race, sex, and other basic information about the record's subject
  • The filed charge(s) that led to the arrests
  • Arrest date, time, location, and other relevant related information
  • Items found on the arrestee at the time of the arrest
  • The name of the arresting agency and sometimes, information about the arresting officer

On the other hand, Elkhart County criminal records contain the following:

  • Name, date of birth, sex, and other information about the record subject
  • Offenses and criminal charges
  • Conviction information, including dates and details
  • Sentencing information, including probation, fines, and imprisonment
  • Dispositions, including guilty, not guilty, and plea bargains.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

Indefinitely. A person's criminal records, which include arrest records, remain on record.) on the Indiana State Police database until the subject dies or until they reach the age of 99 and do not have any criminal involvement for the previous 15 years. Otherwise, they may be removed from public view if the person named on the record files for expungement.

Expunge Elkhart County Arrest Records

Per Indiana Code 35-38-9, residents of Elkhart County can petition a court to expunge their arrest records and other criminal records in their name. Also known as the Second Chance Law, this code permits individuals to seal their arrest records from public view. An expungement implies that the affected records will not come up during a criminal history record search by members of the public and other organizations.

Note that a person's expunged records remain visible to criminal justice agencies, such as the court, the Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney, the county sheriff, and the police. Subjects of arrest records may file for expungement of their records in the court where the charges that led to the concerned arrest were filed. If no charges were filed, the petition should be filed at any court with criminal jurisdiction in Elkhart County.

If the petitioner meets the eligibility requirements for expungement of the affected records, the court may grant the petition. An expungement petition may be denied if the arrested individual has pending criminal charges on their name or records of associated crimes or charges that are not eligible for expunction. Persons convicted of the following are ineligible for record expunction: sex or violent offenses, homicidal crimes, human or sexual trafficking, felonies that resulted in a death, and official misconduct, among others. An arrest expungement petition must set forth:

  • The date of the arrest
  • If known, the law enforcement agency to which the arresting officer belongs and any other known identifying information, such as the arresting officer's name or case number
  • The petitioner's name, date of birth, and social security number,
  • The county where the arrest occurred.

Elkhart County Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrants are legal documents issued by the court to authorize law enforcement to take individuals suspected of involvement in criminal activities into custody. To obtain a warrant, officers must present evidence before a court to establish probable cause to justify an arrest. Otherwise, officers can only arrest people who committed the crime in their presence. The following information can be found in an arrest warrant:

  • The name, stamp, and signature of the issuing authority
  • The name, address, gender, and other relevant information that can aid the identification of the suspect
  • Bail amount and condition for release
  • Arrest clause
  • Date of issue.

Elkhart County Arrest Warrant Search

According to Rule 9 of the Indiana Supreme Court, arrest warrants in the state are confidential until served. Also, a trial judge may order certain warrants to be kept confidential. Outstanding (non-confidential) and executed warrants are available for inspection by interested persons online and at the office of the issuing authority. Interested parties may contact the county sheriff or local police department to inquire about the existence of an arrest warrant in any person's name.

Persons who fear that they might be the subject of a warrant and may be arrested upon a visit to a law enforcement agency may contact a bail bondsman to help with the search. The Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County maintains a website for this purpose. To search for warrants, an inquirer must possess the full name of the person on the warrant. Information obtainable during an arrest warrant search includes the full name of the wanted individual, the alleged crime(s), their city and state, and the bond amount.

Do Elkhart County Arrest Warrants Expire?

No. Arrest warrants do not expire but stay active until the person named on the warrant voluntarily turns themselves in or is apprehended by law enforcement. Warrants become invalid if a suspect dies, reaches a settlement, or the court recalls or quashes a warrant because the suspect contests the warrant and wins.

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