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Allen County Arrest Records

Allen County arrest records are official documents that detail the arrests of individuals within Allen County, Indiana. Generally, an arrest becomes necessary if law enforcement needs to take an individual into custody for crimes committed, crimes they are committing, or if there is evidence that they may likely commit a crime. In Allen County, arrestees (or inmates) are held at the Allen County Sheriff's Department Jail or the Allen County Work Release Center.

Several agencies generate arrest records in Allen County. These include

  • Allen County Sheriff's Department
  • Fort Wayne Police Department
  • Indiana State Police (ISP)
  • Municipal police departments within Allen County
  • Specialized law enforcement agencies such as university police departments.

In Allen County, if law enforcement documents an arrest, it becomes part of an individual's criminal record and a component of Allen County Court Records if the case that resulted in the arrest proceeds to court.

Are Arrest Records Public in Allen County?

Allen County arrest records are public records and are generally accessible to interested persons. Indiana Access to Public Records Act (APRA) grants access to individuals who wish to obtain Allen County arrest records. Nevertheless, APRA exempts access to juvenile, sealed, and expunged arrest records. To be eligible to access exempted arrest records in Allen County, the requester must:

  • Be a parent, legal guardian, or attorney to the owner of the records (if the record belongs to a juvenile)
  • Obtain a court order authorizing access to the records.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Generally, Allen County arrest records information encompasses the arrestee's personal details, the offense's description, and circumstances leading to the arrest. An arrest record includes the following information:

  • Personal details of the owner of the records, including full name, date of birth, gender, and race
  • Case number
  • Charges against the arrested individual
  • The arresting agency
  • Booking Information such as:
    • Booking number
    • Booking date and time
    • Mugshots
    • Fingerprints
  • Bail and Bond information.

Allen County Crime Rate

Several agencies are responsible for crime statistics within Allen County and provide varying data on crime rates within their jurisdiction. The major contributors to Allen County crime statistics are the

  1. Fort Wayne Police Department
  2. Allen County Sheriff's Department
  3. New Haven Police Department.

Shoplifting is a common crime in Allen County, IN. Data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crime Data Explorer show that the Allen County Sheriff's Department, the Fort Wayne Police Department, and the New Haven Police Department reported 774, 17,774, and 329 larceny-theft cases between 2020 and 2022. Within the same period, shoplifting accounted for 36, 2,980, and 34 larceny-theft cases from the respective law enforcement agencies. The table below shows the statistics for some common crimes reported by the Allen County Sheriff's Department, the Fort Wayne Police Department, and the New Haven Police Department in 2022.

2022 statistics for some common crimes in Allen County

  Allen County Sheriff's Department Fort Wayne Police Department New Haven Police Department
Crime Number of Reported Cases
Rape 3 120 2
Robbery 4 192 1
Aggravated Assault 6 322 23
Burglary 22 592 44
Motor Vehicle Theft 5 607 19
Credit Card/Automated Teller Machine Theft 4 453 11
Drug Law Violations 28 826 60
Identity Theft 20 394 32
Intimidation 86 895 96
Shoplifting 6 1,609 15
Theft from Building 10 594 34
Theft from a Motor Vehicle 39 860 19
Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories 11 600 12
Weapon Law Violations 5 240 6

Note that Fort Wayne is the largest city in Allen County.

Allen County Arrest Statistics

According to the FBI crime statistics, there were 4,433 arrests in Allen County, Indiana, in 2022. This is 287 less than the 4,720 arrests for 2021. In 2023, there were 891 inmate admissions into correctional facilities housing adult offenders in Allen County, this figure contrasted with the 620 intakes for 2022. Also, Indiana Department of Corrections data show that 724 adult inmates were released from correctional facilities in Allen County in 2023. This is 41 inmates more than the 2022 figure of 687. The tables below show the adult inmates' intake and release statistics for Allen County from 2018 to 2023.

Allen County Indiana Inmates Admissions 2018 to 2023

Year Inmate Admissions Average Daily Inmate Population
Male Female
2023 891 - -
2022 620 30 3
2021 529 39 4
2020 499 41 4
2019 592 15 2
2018 553 16 2

Allen County Indiana Adult Inmates Released Statistics 2018 to 2023

Year Number of Adult Inmates Released
2023 724
2022 687
2021 568
2020 630
2019 595
2018 573

Find Allen County Arrest Records

Several state and federal resources are available for Interested persons who want to look up Allen County arrest records. In Allen County, arrest records are accessible through the Allen County Sheriff's Department website, Fort Wayne County Police Department, the Indiana State Police Limited Criminal History Search, the Indiana Freedom of Information Act request at the Allen County Clerk of Courts Office, or the law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest.

To access Allen County arrest records:

  • Log in to the Allen County Sheriff's Department website and click the drop menu:
    • Expand the Jail menu and select Inmate Search to access the search page
    • Enter the name and booking number of the inmate and search for records
    • Review the results to identify the required records
    • Click Inmate Details to access the arrest records
  • Visit the Indiana State Police Limited Limited Criminal History Request Service Page, create an account with an email, and log in to arrest records that are part of criminal records
  • Log in to the Indiana Department of Correction Incarcerated Search page and use the name as search criteria to look up inmate records
  • Make FOIA records requests through the Allen County Sheriff's Office to access Allen County arrest records. A request for Allen County arrest records must:
    • Be accompanied by a state-issued ID and any ID with the requester's photo and name
    • Be notarized
    • Include a self-addressed envelope (if the request is through the mail) and a check/money order for $7.00 per record to cover access fees.

Also, requesters can visit the Fort Wayne Police Department website, click the Request Access to Public Records link, download a Public Access Request Form, fill it out, and mail it to:

The Fort Wayne Police Department

Access to Public Records Request APRA
1E. Main St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802.

Free Arrest Record Search in Allen County

To look at Allen County arrest records for free:

  • Visit the Allen County Sheriff's Department’s Inmate Search portal for free access to inmates' arrest records
  • Log in to the Indiana Department of Correction Incarcerated Search Portal for free access to inmates’ information, including arrest records.
  • Search for Allen County arrest records online through a third-party website with databases on Allen County criminal records. Some third-party online services may offer information on arrest records for free.
  • Log in to the Mycase Indiana Search Portal and access criminal records of individuals processed through Allen County courts.

Get Allen County Criminal Records

Allen County criminal records are documents relating to the criminal records of individuals prosecuted within Allen County, IN. Typically, criminal records encompass arrest, court, inmate, probation, parole, warrants, and disposition records.

To get Allen County criminal records:

  • Log in to the Indiana Courts Mycase Search Portal
    • Select the case or name search option
    • Scroll down and tick the Criminal & Citation box under the Limit Search To header
    • Click search to access non-confidential criminal case records
  • Log in to the Indiana Department of Correction Limited Criminal History Request page and access publicly available information on criminal records.
  • Search for Allen County criminal records on third-party websites that have databases on Allen County criminal records.
  • Visit the Allen County Clerk of Courts office and request a FOIA to access Allen County criminal records.

Allen County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Allen County arrest and criminal records are law enforcement records. However, there are differences between both records. The table below outlines the distinction between Allen County arrest records and criminal records definition, content, purpose, and status.

Comparison Criteria Allen County Arrest Records Allen County Criminal Records
Definition Arrest records detail the circumstances under which law enforcement takes individuals into custody for committing crimes or having the intention to commit crimes Criminal records document an individual's criminal history and encompass arrest records, conviction records, and post-conviction criminal records
Content Arrest records information include:
  • Name of the arrestee, gender, and race
  • Date, time, and location of arrest
  • Charges against the arrested individual
  • Name of the arresting agency
  • Booking details
  • Bail and Bond Information
  • Initial Court appearance (if the case proceeds to the court)
Criminal records documents include arrest records in addition to:
  • Records of court proceedings
  • Conviction Records
  • Incarceration Records
  • Warrant Records
  • Probation and Parole records (if applicable)
Purpose The purpose of arrest records is to detail the circumstances surrounding an arrest and the initial charges against an arrestee To document an individual's criminal activities, track legal action against a culprit, and ensure compliance with legal judgments
Status Do not indicate the Innocence or guilt of an arrestee but give reasons for detaining an individual and the circumstances of arrest. Indicate the legal outcome of criminal proceedings against an individual and the status of ongoing court cases.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

The duration of an Allen County arrest record depends on the actions of the record owner. An arrest may stay on a record indefinitely. However, arrest records can be sealed from public access or removed by a competent court if the owner meets the Indiana Second Chance Law requirements.

Expunge Allen County Arrest Records

To expunge Allen County arrest information, an individual must meet the eligibility criteria of the Indiana Expungement Statute. In Allen County, IN, any individual arrested and charged with an offense can appeal to remove the arrest records if:

  • The arrest, criminal charges, or juvenile delinquency did not lead to a conviction
  • The individual is not participating in any pre-trial diversion programs.

The following steps may help remove an Allen County arrest record:

  • Verify eligibility for arrest records expungement by noting the requirements
  • Gather documents and information relating to the case that resulted from the arrest
  • Visit the Indiana Legal Help page, and depending on the outcome of the case, download a Non-Conviction Petition & Order Form or Conviction Petition & Order Form (also download a Non-Conviction Petition & Order Instructions or a Conviction Petition & Order Instructions to read up on how to fill out the petition request form)
  • Complete the appropriate petition & order form and mail it to:

The Allen County Clerk of Courts
715 S. Calhoun Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

  • Send a notice of the petition to the Allen County Prosecutor's Office at

602 S. Calhoun Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

  • Keep copies of the petition and the supporting documents as future evidence.

Allen County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is a legal document issued by a judge or magistrate authorizing law enforcement to take an individual into custody. In Allen County IN, arrest warrants work in manners consistent with Indiana laws. An Allen County judge or magistrate will issue an arrest warrant if law enforcement provides evidence that an individual committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime. Generally, an arrest warrant information includes:

  • Name and physical description of the wanted person
  • Charges against the individual
  • A case number relating to the incident leading to the arrest warrant
  • The name of the judge or magistrate who issued the arrest warrant
  • The conditions under which the arrest should be effected
  • The originating court for the arrest warrant.

Allen County Arrest Warrant Search

To search for active arrest warrants in Allen County:

  • Log in to the Allen County Sheriff's Department Warrant & Fugitive Division page and check for active warrants
  • Visit the Fort Wayne Police Department website and access information on active warrants on the homepage
  • Log in to the Indiana State Police Limited Criminal History Search Portal for criminal information that may include information on Allen County active warrants.
  • Search online through third-party websites that may have information on Allen County fugitives.
  • Visit Allen County courts and law enforcement agencies for information on wanted persons.

Do Allen County Arrest Warrants Expire?

No, Allen County arrest warrants do not expire. Generally, an arrest warrant remains active until the person listed on the warrant is arrested. However, an arrest warrant will become inactive if the court recalls it or the fugitive dies.

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